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Deadline: June 30th 2011


The contest is finalized to the promotion of the photography in Italy and particularly of the photographic expression of the "spicy" culture. The participation is free. The competition will end with the selection of the photographic works of 15 artists to realize an exhibition during a Festival (8 - 11 September 2011). The prizes will be so assigned:

- 1° prize: 1000 Euro + 2days stay + various material

- 2° prize: 500 Euro + 2 days stay + various material

- 3° prize: 250 Euro + 2 days stay + material various


It will be a contest with "zero" cost for the participants. The dispatch of the images through internet, the printing and preparation of the exhibition taken care by the organization, they will give the possibility to everybody to participate without any cost. Artists of any nationality can participate (residents and non-residents in Italy) or foreigners that operate on the Italian national territory. There is no limits of age, sex or other qualification. The job must have as theme: "Spicy or no, describe us your life! "

To participate the author will have to send a mini project formed by 4-10 images inherent the theme of the contest. The project can be an history, to represent a concept, a situation, an homogeneous collection etc. The main point is that the images have to be strongly tied among them. Quality, research, the idea, express concepts, will be the fundamental criterions of the selection. The job can be also unpublished. Every author can introduce only one project of mininum 4 and max 10 photos. The exhibitin will include anyhow a selection of 4 works of the same author.

They are admitted images realized with digital and analogical technique, contaminations with painting or other forms of manipulation are allowed. The job will have to be reproducible however.

For detailed information on how to participate ( integral announcement with required documentation and contact address), please visit the web site: www.callforart.com at the section "Opportunities”.


Many other contest and prize opportunities can be find on www.callforart.com.*


* Lokomotif is not responsible of the seriousness of those ads. Our association just spreads the information...

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