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Derneğimiz yönetim kurulu üyesi, ressam Esra Kizir Gökçen'in solo sergisi "Metamorph-Trick" Amsterdam Arps Gallery'de 31 Ağustos'ta açıldı. 9 Eylül'e kadar ziyaret edilebilir. Serginin teması, sanatçının yaşadığı toprakların çok katmanlılığından, katmanların yaşattığı değişim ve dönüşümlerden, yarattığı illüzyondan ilham alıyor.

Amsterdam'daysanız 2 Eylül saat 18.00'de sanatçıyla galeride görüşebilirsiniz...


Esra Kizir Gökçen, member of the board of Lokomotif, has been invited for a solo exhibition in Amsterdam. The exhibition called "Metamorph-Trick" has opened on the 31st of August and can be visited until the 9th of September.

Funny, witty and very dedicated she made a complete new exhibition for her show in Amsterdam. Metamorph-trick is her way to express the fact that we all have many layers and under every layer there is one more, the tricky layer, the vision. Her work is inspired by the multi layered geographic and historical aspects of Anatolia, where she was born and is still living.

All things chain from the moment of realization among the layers of life. Remnants from the past change. Conditions of time and space morph everything. The illusions created by these movements tricks the eye. These illusions are what Esra Kizir Gökçen is trying to explain in the solo show named "metamorph-trick”. Hers is the eye being tricked.

Layers of time in movement are continuously morphing both past and the future creating our perceptions, fore sights, feelings. The past and thoughts about them, as well as premonitions of future and dreams all form different layers; telescoped, folded, morphed beyond generally accepted memories into colors and lines. Even though the work is considered done, it’s just starting. Changing our memories from top to bottom. Creating new knowledge. Moments in time and objects are falling apart and when they come together again they merge into new combinations. Metamorphed objects come into view, sometimes in an empty space, sometimes on a morphed ground, sometimes in a fantasy space and time zone. It is a game endlessly changing.

Portrayals of Earth may be under water like Atlantis, or may be a piece of land flying in the sky up to the emptiness of space. Figures are similar to earthly beings, mostly they are like creatures split and merged again inaccurately. The spatial elements are split and combined to create another world.

The artist emphasizes the metamorphosis and impossibility of regeneration of anything past. Pointing that all moments are new and the human perception is forever changed.

Her work also directs the viewer to our responsibility to nature through the clouds, trees, roots and all details symbolizing nature. The cloud and the tree show us about the circle of water, ergo life and the flow of past into future.

We can see the influence of Turkish classical painting, calligraphy and miniatures in the curved lines and symbols in Esra’s drawing. The technics used in her compositions and concepts contain the Metamorphic compositions that emerge as tricks.

Save the date:

On September 2nd at 6 p.m Esra Kizir Gökçen will be in the gallery to meet the visitors.


Arps & Co

Arubastraat 1, Amsterdam

Esra Kizir Gökçen solo sergisi Amsterdam'da - Esra Kizir Gökçen presents a solo exhibition in Amsterdam
Tag(s) : #Sanatçı Vagonu-Wagon des artistes

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